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The Consult

Consultations (see form below) are required for every tattoo at Eastside Tattoo. It is there that you can discuss the subject matter, where on the body, price/cost and make an appointment to get tattooed. It is important to know which of our solid artists you would like to have. Please know that some of our artists are booked pretty far in advance, but we will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you have not gone through some of our artists portfolio pages, you can start here:

Artist Portfolio Pages



Have an idea and pick one of our solid tattoo artists to schedule a consultation. Consults are free.



Get to your consultion and you can discuss price, where on the body, how large and any ideas you may have. Put down your deposit and schedule for your killer tattoo.

Special Note: Ashton and Rachel have their own method for consultatons. Please visit their sites for more information.

Ashton’s Website
Rachel’s Website



This is show time! Ensure that you arrive on time, come alone, are wearing comfortable clothing,  and bring a snack. 

Consult Form

Please provide as much information as possible.