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About Us

The Shop and Our Crew

Eastside Tattoo Shop, located in the heart of the Southeast section of Portland is a beautiful, clean and fully outfitted shop with the latest in natural inks, bandaging, and furniture all in a gorgeous interior. Built two years ago, owner Jay Eakin attracted some of the top talent in the industry to fulfill his dream and, most importantly, to commit to the service of the shop’s clients and customers. Get your consultation, and you will see for yourself, Eastside Tattoo is in the top echelon of tattoo shops in Portland.

Speaking of top talent, Eastside’s crew is second to none, with very seasoned and award winning tattoo artistry from the shop’s artists.  Without the artists, Eastside Tattoo wouldn’t be the shop that it is. You will understand why Eastside Tattoo has quickly become the go-to shop for custom fine tattoo art.

Jay Eakin

Owner, Tattooer

Ashton Allen


Austin Allen


Luke Reuben


Rachel Gilbert


Travis Wheeler


Will Bowler



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